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Twój koszyk jest pusty
How we do it?
  • Apples collection

    In orchards of our farm, which have been handed down from other generations, fruit are fresh and healthy. When apples are ripe, it’s the time to harvest. After this, we prepare them for the pressing process.

  • We choose the best

    Before the fruit will be pressed, we select them very carefully. We process apples, oranges and other fruits with a peel, which contains a lot of vitamins . Our mission is to give customers what’s the best of nature.

  • Pressing process

    The next step - after manual sorting and thoroughly fruit washing is a cold juice pressing. We are processing only fresh polish apples and in case of different flavor – other fresh fruit. We do not use a concentrates!

  • Like a homemade preserves

    Pressed juice is pasteurized like a homemade preserves what make it fresh for a long months.

  • Packing and storage

    We are aware of our customer’s different needs so we offer various, convenient packages. Independently of package, every product is a source of vitamins and nutrients. That is how our juice is made. That’s simple!

About us

Nasza Tłocznia company was born in 2018 as a family enterprise. We have been cultivate apples trees over hundreds of years and the place where we live and work is the heart of polish fruit – growing.

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