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Nasza Tłocznia – juices from the heart of polish fruit – growing.

Nasza Tłocznia company was born in 2018 as a family enterprise. We have been cultivate apples trees over hundreds of years and the place where we live and work is the heart of polish fruit – growing. Our fruit are processed for pure, fresh products. We began with small steps – from one glass of juice. When we were sure that we did everything to make our products improved, Nasza Tłocznia was founded. Our production is not mass and we make it all with passion for work, life and people. For us the most important issue is a quality.

We say “no!” to sugar, preservatives and synthetic vitamins. The traditional way to process fruit make our juices full of valuable nutritional values. From growing apples trees, picking apples, to pressing, we care about making good, full value product. That is the purpose of Nasza Tłocznia. We believe you will feel better drinking our juice. That’s simple!



4 apples = 330 ml apple juice
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