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BIO apple juice Bag-In-Box

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Apples improve heart health. Drinking our juice entail to lower levels of cholesterol. It helps regulate blood sugar and control appetite, protect against cancer and safeguard the lungs.

Nasza Tłocznia BIO apple juice is made by pressing only ecological fruit and contains a naturally occurring precipitate. No sugar and chemical additives.

Available capacities: 330 ml glass bottle / 3L bag – in – box pack.

Ingredients: 100% NFC BIO apple juice (not from concentrate).

Nutrition facts per 100 ml of juice:


54 kcal

Total fat:

0 g
-including saturated fatty acids 0 g

Total carbohydrate:

11 g
- including sugars 11 g


0,2 g


3 mg

Dietary fiber

BIO apple juice Bag-In-Box